This bridal elopement inspiration was a dream to me. It was such a special day to meet this beauty, Laura, and to have a walk in the mountains of Spain. I´ve always look for a place that is not a typical spot you would go and elope in Spain like the beach. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE the beach, I love water, waves, sand under my feed, the sounds of seagulls and to be just free there. But I wanted something special and different this time.

We had a 1,5hours drive from Alicante to the amazing Barranc del Cinq in Alcoi. When we arrived there, it was just overwhelming. These giant rocks and at the same time this quiet and harmless nature. It wasn’t a long walk from our parking spot to the great walls of rocks and we were so impressed when we arrived there. I just wanted to sit there for a while. Listen to the silence. To the water, the birds,  the sounds of nature. But we immediately started to capture this beautiful scenery.

I picked some wild flowers for the bouquet and wished I could do this more often. Sometime it´s great to shoot without a big team cause you can plan und creat everything like you want it to be. But of course, my colleagues are always doing amazing work and it´s always a pleasure to work with every single one of them. This time I used the lovely hand dyed silk ribbons by Seidenband. I love her ribbons and work especially, cause I love when there is some movement in my pictures and they are great for some windy photos.

So thank you again gorgeous Laura for your trust in me and Seidenband for giving our flower bouquet a lovely look.

In love, Bina xx

Bridal Bouquet: Bina Terré  |  Silk Ribbons: Seidenband  |  Model: Laura  |  Location: Barranc del Cinc, Spain  |  Year: 2017