A wedding video is the icing on the cake for your memories. Capturing your day and your emotions in moving pictures is another special way to relive your moments. How you move, laugh, pop the cork and enjoy the sparkling foam. Many moments that you may not have noticed during the day, because such a day sometimes seems to fly by. Watching all this again as a wedding video will surely bring some tears of joy not only into your eyes.

If you decide for an elopement or one or two guests cannot be present on your day, it is certainly a nice opportunity for your loved ones to get a vivid insight into your day. Just like with travel videos. We love to capture our travels not only in pictures, we always make small videos and then cut our little travel film, which we watch again and again and also share with our friends and family. As they say, pictures say more than 1000 words. And a video has, as we all know, even more pictures, so I guess that says it all.

Would you also like a wedding video for your day? Send me some lines about what you wish for your day.

One day in Paris

One day in the city of love with Lena Terlutter and her husband Leonard. Lena and Leonard work in the fashion industry, which means they travel to the fashion metropolis, Paris, several times a year. They love the city and it is part of their lives. Just in time for their wedding anniversary, we took a tour through their loved spots and also discovered new things. They took the boat through Paris for the first time on our trip. There are also some pictures behind the scenes of the video, if you want to have a look.

Wedding video with industrial charm

A wedding video was a must-have for Felicia and Marc for their special day. And as they told me, it was more than worth it. Their wedding photos were already a special memory for them, but they and their little ones sometimes even watch their wedding video before bedtime. The girls can already hum the lyrics and music and I was blown away when they told me about it. How nice it would be if my parents had a video of their wedding back then! I would certainly hum along to a song of the 80’s.