What is special about wedding photography?

Wedding photography should tell your story in pictures, so it is especially nice if they are captured authentically, vibrant, emotional and real. Make your day the way you are and want it to be, without paying attention to other imaginations and habits. To make your story complete it is especially nice to capture the important moments of the day. Starting with the preparation, the calm before the storm. These are the moments that you will never see from the other person. And believe me, these are some of the most emotional moments of the day. To end up with the opening dance or the first party pictures will make your day and your pictures become a real story.

Will you join us for our destination wedding or elopement?

Yes of course! If you would like to have me at your wedding in Germany, Europe or even worldwide, I would be happy to a join you. For me there is no better mixture than love, photography and travelling. You can book me for your I dos wherever you want to promise each other your life together.

Do you also offer a wedding film?

Since 2018 I have been offering a highlight video in addition to wedding photography. This will put the icing on the cake for your wedding photos, because your moments will be captured even more vividly. When you book a highlight video through me, you also have the advantage that we only come as a small team and therefore there are not too many people around you (in contrast to when a second team is booked). In addition, everything comes from one source and the style you wish for the pictures is kept. Feel free to have a look at my wedding films.

How long will you be with us at our wedding?

My wedding photography package starts on weekends (Friday and Saturday) from a duration of 8 hours. This includes, depending on the schedule, the moments from your preparation to the party. Typically couples book between 8-12 hours of coverage.

On weekdays I also offer smaller wedding packages.

How far in advance should we book you?

As soon as you have fixed your date! That is usually as soon as you have booked the location. In general you can never tell how long in advance a date will be booked. I take bookings about 1-1.5 years before the date. More popular dates, around holidays, are sold out faster, but sometimes they are still available at short term. So please contact me as soon as you know your date. Even without a long time in advance your date can still be free.

Dates for shorter wedding photography or smaller shootings (engagement, after-wedding, maternity, etc.) can’t be fixed so far in advance. Especially for outdoor shootings the weather should play along, which can only be foreseen at short notice. Therefore, please let me know your ideas and wishes and we will fix an approximate time frame for your shooting.

Which languages do you speak?

I speak German and English, and if it doesn’t work out with hands and feet, then we’ll try the language of love.

Will you come as a team?

Yes, for a duration of 6 hours or more there will always be an assistant. On the one hand, to help me and you during a relaxed process, so that I can concentrate fully on you and your moments. On the other hand as a backup in case something should happen to me (never happened before!).

Which packages do you offer?

My wedding photography full day coverage starts with a duration of 8 hours and contains at least 500 pictures, edited in portfolio quality. You get your pictures in high resolution as a password protected gallery with download link for you and your loved ones. The exact number of pictures depends on your schedule and the duration of your booking. The editing can take up to 6 weeks in the high season, but usually it is much faster. Feel free to contact me for more information and details

How do we know that we fit?

You have probably already looked at my pictures when you came to the questions and answers section and I guess that’s a good sign : ) Of course it is important that you like my pictures and my style. But a wedding is not only about the final product, your pictures, but also about many intimate moments on your day and during the planning, which you share with someone you might not know that well yet. If you have already stumbled across my “about me” page or follow me on Instagram, you are welcome to get some impressions of me. And if you think this fits, just say “hi” : )

What I especially appreciate about couples is when they celebrate their day the way they want to. Without picking up all the traditions, just because it’s done this way. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It can be celebrated the way you want it to be, and most importantly, the way you are. After all, it is about you and celebrating your love. Stay yourselves and then it can only become the way you want it to be.

Can we get to know you?

Sure! I always recommend getting to know each other, whether in person or via Skype! Most of my couples book me before a personal meeting, because they already got to know me through my website, instagram, recommendations or another wedding. We can also have a call for a first impression before booking. I always recommend the personal meeting as soon as the schedule for your day is basically set. Then we can not only get to know each other at our get-together, but if necessary, we can also adjust your day and schedule.

You are welcome to visit me during the week in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen (please understand that my weekends are always very busy and the little free time I have is reserved for my loved ones).

For smaller wedding reportages (<8 hours) we can have a chat via phone or skype.

Can we order a wedding album?

Yes, and I can warmly recommend it to you. Don’t let the pictures you’ve invested a lot of love, time and money in just lay around on one of your hard drives. When you look at your old (or even new) albums, you know that it is a completely different feeling to have your printed pictures in an album, in your hands instead of looking at them on your laptop or tablet. It’s much more timeless and makes your pictures tell your story even more special.

Do you also offer engagement or after-wedding-shootings?

Yes, and I think an engagement shoot is a great way to get to know each other before the wedding day. Your moments during the planning phase are captured and you also get to know me and my way of working. So you are perfectly prepared for your big day and can use the pictures for save-the-date or invitations.
If you get married abroad it is also nice to take a little break the day before and capture your moments while you are still excited about your wedding day. If you are planning to take pictures at another place, the weather wasn’t good or you don’t have that much time on your big day, an after-wedding-shoot would also be a nice and relaxed chance for pretty pictures.

We can plan pre- or after-wedding-shootings on weekdays or before/after your wedding day.

Do you also edit our pictures in black and white?

Maybe you have already noticed in my portfolio that I love colors, so most of the pictures are in color. Nevertheless black and white pictures have their own charm and if it fits to the picture and/or the light, I edit them in black and white. In a full day documentary it is about 5-10% of all pictures.

Do you retouch our pictures?

Your pictures are digitally edited in e.g. brightness, contrast, colours etc. A skin retouching is not included. Through my editing and light setting I try to make your skin look as soft as possible. If there are any small irregularities or spots, I will of course take a closer look at the picture.

Especially the light is a great help when it comes to beautiful skin and tones. The midday sun is very hard and throws hard shadows on you, so you should better find a place in the shade at noon.
For your couples shooting I recommend to plan it as close as possible to sunset. Then you will have soft and beautiful, a pleasant light.

Will you publish our pictures?

Wedding photography is my life. Not just my job, no, I deal with love and moments every day. So that I can continue to do so, a discount for publishing the pictures is always included in my packages. If you did not find me through a recommendation, then surely through my pictures. A current portfolio is therefore essential for me and my business. And who doesn’t like to show what they love? : )

Before I publish your pictures you will get my selection and can look through it. If there are some pictures that you don’t want to show, that’s ok and they will be taken out.

Of course I respect your privacy and want you to feel comfortable. Please understand that if you don’t want to me to publish your wedding pictures, the included discount will not be applied.

How long will our wedding photography be archived?

The pictures of your wedding reportage will be archived for at least one year. Please archive your pictures on different devices or in a cloud, so you can have them forever. Also keep in mind that different storage systems get outdated over time (e.g. CD, soon the USB stick) and that you can also store your pictures on newer systems. A wedding photo album is also a nice way to keep your pictures.

Can we reserve our date?

Please understand that I can’t reserve your date because almost every day new requests arrive in my mailbox. If you want to book me for your day I will send you a contract. Together with a retainer I will fix your date in my calendar.

How can we book you?

For a firm booking I will send you a contract. As soon as I receive your retainer I will fix your day in my calendar and I will be there for you for further questions.

What is the best way to contact you?

Whether it’s wedding photography, a wedding film or another shooting, send me an email to or write me via my contact form. It would be wonderful if you leave me a few lines about you and your day. When, where and how you want to say I do. How you got engaged. If you like diving, skiing, traveling. If you drink coffee or tea, or just cola, speak the animal language, or whatever else you like to do. I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys a little bit too. Please also check your spam folder if you don’t hear from me within 48 hours (more or less on weekends).

Do you also photograph families, maternity or newborns?

Everything that has to do with love! Please feel free to drop by at one of my family and newborn shootings of a really cute family.

For pregnancy shootings I recommend to plan a shooting until max. 6 weeks before the calculated date.

For newborn shootings you should contact me already during your pregnancy. As soon as your little one is there, the shooting should take place within the first few days, as they will still be sleeping so much and are easy to pose. About 5-10 days are ideal, the earlier the better.

For family shootings I recommend that the younger ones among you can at least walk a little. Then you will all be more flexible and the shooting and the pictures will be more lively.