Seychelles, my love. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who can call this place a little paradise. It’s like a tropical island dream come true. Crystal blue water I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world so clear and blue (and I have been to many beautiful destinations like Fiji, Mexico, Cuba, Australia…) with lots of fishes. Palm trees and green colors all around with with beaches. Like a catalogue of a honeymoon destination.
When Jasmin and Albert contacted me if I’d travel to Seychelles with them to capture their engagement on the beautiful island, La Digue, I didn’t wait for a second to say yes!

So we went on this adventure in March and as soon as w arrived there (I took my boyfriend with me to add on some holidays) it was raining and cloudy. That’s what they meant when saying it’s rainy season… We haven’t seen that much rain… ever. But, after some time, the sun was shining again and we could enjoy our first beach walk on Mahé. We left the main island 2 days after to take the ferry to La Digue, where the wedding was going to take place. La Digue was definitely our little paradise and, for us, the most beautiful island we have visited (have been on Praslin and Mahé as well). There haven’t been (too many) cars around and you needed to take a bike to get to the places you wanted to visit. Since the island is pretty small we thought that might be fun and it was! You still have to consider that it’s not a flat island and you might have to get over some hills to get to the most beautiful beaches. That’s what you also have to consider for the beach walks like the one from Grand Anse to Coco Anse or to Anse Marron (we did both and if you’re planning to do so, take enough water with you and ask Gerad for the Anse Marron trail).
The wedding took place at one of the, so called, most beautiful beaches of the world: Anse Source D’Argent. And indeed, it was very beautiful and so unique the to big rocks in the water. Find the pictures and read more about this beautiful wedding here.

After our time on La Digue we visited Praslin which is bigger island but still very beautiful. I’d recommend to take a rental car around here cause going to one of the most beautiful beached (Anse Lazio) meant to “hike” up a hill which was pretty exhausting with the temperatures. We went there for snorkeling and I have to say… this was my favorite spot EVER for snorkeling. Well, I’m always afraid of sharks but Seychelles is pretty save when it comes to shark attacks so I tried to calm down while snorkeling a bit deeper. My reward was to see so many fishes and quiet at the end a sea turtle I’ve always wanted to see in wildlife. I was so thankful to jump into that water even if it scared me before cause of the deep (and the two shark attacks happened some years before).
We also visited the turtle island curieuse which was a great way to see these old, big turtles in a natural environment. There are living hundreds of them. We also took a boat to St. Pierre for snorkeling afterwards but it wasn’t as impressive as Anse Lazio. But still beautiful. In the end of our stay on Praslin we visited the Fond Ferdinand Nationalpark to see the Coco de mer, like a really big coconut, which you can only find on Seychelles.

We then took the ferry back to the main land, Mahé, and stayed there for another 3 nights. Mahé also has it’s beautiful sides but after visiting Praslin and especially La Digue it was no highlight anymore to be there and the beaches and underwater world was not at all what we’ve already seen on La Digue and Praslin.
I’d also recommend to rent a car on Mahé cause you can explore some more places and there are lots of hills as well. We took the bus and we needed several hours waiting and sitting.

So my final review of Seychelles is that it’s a paradise like your dreaming about it. Beautiful beaches, great underwater world (even if the reefs have died because of el Nino but there are still lots of fishes living), fresh coconut everywhere around and also lots of activities. I loved that it’s not only a beach holiday (cause I need activity) so we had plans for every day to explore the island. I’d definitely come back!

Bridal Dress: Soeur Coeur  |  Hair & Make-up: Natalie Arslan  |  Bridal Bouquet: DIY by Janina Selbach  |  Model: Stefanie Seiffert  |  Location: Schloss Diersfordt, Germany  |  Year: 2017