Project Description

Nina and Rob celebrated their special wedding day in the alps of Austria. They’ve started with a welcome bbq at the beautiful Wiesergut. A modern hotel with an amazing architecture, design and catering. The food was so delicious! It was the perfect start into their special day and they had so much more time with their loved ones. That’s why I love get together brunch, welcome evenings or breakfast together after the wedding. You can enjoy conversations and quality time with family and friends while having a whole wedding weekend.

Back to the wedding… after having bbq and great talks everyone started getting ready for the ceremony. It wasn’t hard to find great moments and perspectives in Ninas beautiful room and it was the perfect way to calm a bit down before the rest of the day has started. We met Rob and the guests after capturing both of their getting ready and walked to the cable car to get up to their venue, Wieseralm. We arrived at the alp and everything was ready for the outdoor ceremony and the view and landscape over the mountains of Austria was breathtaking.

It was also so special that Ninas sister, Henriette, had a part of the speech. That was so personal, emotional and funny at the same time. I can warmly recommend her as a speaker for any wedding! I knew her before cause we had some projects together and she is such a funny and warmhearted person.

After their “yes” and and congratulations they enjoy the rest of the day on the beautiful alp and celebrated until early in the morning with an awesome band.

So thankful that I’ve had the possibility to travel to this breathtaking place and much more, to capture their moments and love. Thanks you Nina and Rob for your trust und for being YOU.

Lovebirds: Nina & Rob  |   Photography: Bina Terré  |  Bridal Boutique: IAY I am Yours |  Speaker: Henriette Frädrich  |  Hair & Make-up: Linda Abe  |  Assistent: Arina Fix  |  Location: Wiesergut & Wieseralm, Austria