A small miracle is finally here! Oh how I love the newborn shootings! I visit the newly born parents at their home shortly after birth. In the first days they still sleep a lot and can be put in different super cute poses easily. Therefore I always recommend to plan a newborn shooting within 5-10 days after birth. The sooner the better.

I especially like to combine the newborn shooting with a little homestory. To also capture the moments and details around the newborn, such as changing the baby’s clothes, breastfeeding, moments with the siblings, the children’s room and maybe special gifts from you or your loved ones. Looking at old photo albums, these “in-between” moments are also very special memories. How did it look like with my parents, in my children’s room, what were the gifts from the family or how did my brother receive me.

If you would like to plan a newborn shooting, please contact me in advance (about 4 weeks before the calculated date). I can give you some tips and you can get or plan details or accessories before the birth (for girls e.g. small flowercrowns are super cute, you could also make something with dried flowers). If you would like to capture the special moments before the birth in the form of a maternity shooting, I would be happy to give you some tips as well. A maternity shoot should be planned up to 6 weeks before the calculated date of birth to have some buffer.

Beanie, shirt and pants by Maboo Kids